Tech Links
slashdot.org - A site for tech news and discussion, as well as other random stuff that appeals to seekers of tech news and discussion.
The World Wide Web Consortium - There's a lot of bad HTML out there, so it's good to refer to the specifications instead of just learning your HTML skills on the street. This site would be totally compliant if I didn't feel the need to cater to the many Netscape 4.x users out there.
URL Encoding - How to convert problem characters to URL-friendly codes. Yet another thing I hate having to look up all the time.
Webmonkey - Webmonkey has a lot of good tutorials that teach HTML/CSS/JavaScript/etc. concepts. They have some material on backend programming as well, but I can't say if it's any good or not as I go elsewhere for that stuff.
CoolServlets.com - A load of useful, free, open-source servlets.
Java API - The Java API. It pretty much speaks for itself. I refer to it almost every day at work.
Java Servlet API - For some reason, the Sun website keeps this link well-hidden. Sure, you can dig it up with a little effort on their search engine, but if you're like me, you're lazy and want to be spoon-fed. Consider this your spoon.
jGuru - jGuru is a great place to ask particularly tricky Java questions.
The com.oreilly.servlet Package - AFAIK, this is the least painful way to handle web-based file uploads with Java. The last time I checked, the commercial license merely required that "every person on the development team for that project owns a copy of the book Java Servlet Programming (O'Reilly) in its most recent edition," so I say go for it unless you're on a really tight budget. It's a pretty decent book, anyway.
freshmeat.net - Freshmeat maintains a massive index of useful software, mostly open-source. It has a lot of good stuff for Linux developers.
CGI Environment Variables - I'm sick of looking these up every time I need them, so here they are.
More Perl Regular Expressions - More useful information about regular expressions in Perl.
Perl Regular Expressions - A handy summary of regular expressions in Perl.
PHPBuilder - This site has a lot of articles about and advice for handling a lot of common (and not-so-common) tasks with PHP. I learned some of the tricks I used to build this site on PHPBuilder, and I'm sure I'll refer to it again.
The PHP Group - This is The PHP Group's official site. It has all the documentation you could want in the form of the PHP Manual. I use it a lot, since I haven't found a PHP book I really like yet.
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