Programming Stuff
Not only did I build this website, I program websites for a living. My preferred language is Java, though I do a fair number of sites (like this one) in PHP, and I like to mess around with Perl as well. I love using and abusing databases, though the only ones I've gotten my hands on are mySQL, postgres, and MS SQL Server. Whenever possible, I try to do "real work" on RedHat Linux, though all I have at home is an old Win98 machine. I write most of my code in either emacs (on Linux) and UltraEdit (on Windows). I have done some C and C++ application programming, and I've played with some other languages as well, but I haven't done any of that stuff in years. The links below represent sites I find useful at work and when working on this site.
Tech Links
How This Site Works - I deliberately designed this site to look (for the most part) like a static html site. However, it's not. I wrote up a quick explanation of how the site is put together for people who are interested in web development.
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