Paranoia Character Creation

Quick Background: Like most citizens, you have lived in Alpha Complex ever since you emerged from your clone vat with your five identical clones. Rumor has it that in the Dark Ages, clones were produced differently and did not live in Alpha Complex. Rumors are treason. Because The Computer loves you and wants you to be happy, The Computer assigns all citizens a Security Clearance, to ensure that only the most capable and worthy clones have access to potentially dangerous information, equipment, and areas. All citizens are expected to obey citizens of higher security clearance. The levels of Security Clearance are as follows: Infrared, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and Ultraviolet. You have never seen an Ultraviolet citizen. Important areas and items in Alpha Complex are color-coded for your convenience. Possessing, using, or trespassing in that which is above your security clearance is treason. Fortunately, thanks to your meritorious service to The Computer, you have been raised from Infrared to Red Clearance. You have also been given the opportunity to serve The Computer as a Troubleshooter...one of a select group of lucky citizens who serve The Computer in a variety of high-risk capacities. It is a dangerous job, but someone has to help protect Alpha Complex from the works of Commies, mutants, secret society members, and other traitors. It is also one of the fastest ways to improve one's Security Clearance. Being a Troubleshooter is fun. The Computer tells you so. Being a Troubleshooter will help you to remain happy. Happiness is mandatory.

1) Name And Personality

Clone names are special. They generally consist of:
1) The first name
2) A hyphen
3) A letter denoting Security Clearance (in your case, "R," for Red)
4) A hyphen
5) Three letters denoting sector of origin
6) A hyphen
7) A number denoting which clone of a given citizen you are. Luckily, you are all still on your first clones. Don't get used to it.

Examples: Anne-R-KEY-1, Vund-R-BAR-2, Howe-R-YAH-6, Tubb-Y-BCH-3, Fonza-R-ELI, Tomasjef-R-SON

2) Attributes

Attributes values range from 1-20. Distribute 80 points among the following 8 Attributes.

Strength: I think we all know what this is.
Agility: Whole-body coordination and balance. Important in melee combat.
Dexterity: Hand-eye coordination, patience, and manual dexterity. It determines how good a character is at fine hand work and aimed weapons.
Endurance: Ability to withstand injury and fatigue, and other bad things.
Moxie: Intelligence, perception, willpower, and common sense.
Chutzpah: Bureaucratic and communication skills.
Mechanical Aptitude: Ability to understand, operate, and repair machinery.
[Attribute Deleted for Security Reasons]: No further information is available at your clearance. However, feel free to put as few or as many points as you care to into this attribute. Have a nice day.

3) Service Group

You are a Troubleshooter, a member of an elite service group granted the honor of serving The Computer directly. However, all Troubleshooters are called from one of the eight service groups to which all citizens belong. Membership in a Service Group grants a Troubleshooter the ability to hone certain skills beyond the level of other clones. Those skills are listed below the Service Group descriptions. Please choose the Service Group, now.

Internal Security

IntSec is responsible for weeding out traitors and Commies and maintaining order. It combines the functions of law officers, secret police, and monitors of political orthodoxy. IntSec is cordially hated and feared by citizens in all other services. Its agents are everywhere.


Technical Services

Tech maintains robots, vehicles, communications hardware, industrial and production systems, and various electronic and mechanical service systems. In practice, Tech Services' and Power Services' responsibilities overlap. Vicious bureaucratic rivalry and infighting develops over which group is best suited to serve The Computer indisputed jurisdictions.

Spurious Logic
Autocar Op & Maintenance
Transbot Op & Maintenance
Docbot Op & Maintenance
Jackobot Op & Maintenance
Scrubot Op & Maintenance
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Housing Preservation & Development and Mind Control

HPD&MC is responsible for primary clone services - housekeeping, creche management, education, entertainment, recreation, and retirement management. This is the largest, the least prestigious, and the least politically reliable service group. But as dispensers of propaganda, HPD&MC can sway the emotions of the masses, making it in some ways the most powerful.

Docbot Op & Maintenance

Armed Forces

The Army protects Alpha Complex against external invasion by Commie mutant traitors. They also supplement Internal Security against internal threats. Tough, well-trained, well-equipped members of elite units like the vaunted Vulture Squadrons frequently serve as bodyguards and handle high-priority missions within Alpha Complex.

Primitive Melee Weapon
Laser Weapon
Projectile Weapon
Vulturecraft Op & Maintenance

Production, Logistics, and Commissary

PLC is responsible for agricultural and industrial production and allocation of resources. It prepares food and stores and distributes all consumer goods. PLC is only marginally more prestigious than HPD&MC.

Fast Talk
Habitat Engineering
Jackobot Op & Maintenance

Power Services

Power maintains the power plants and the primary habitat engineering systems of Alpha Complex - traffic, air, water, and waste. Disputes with Technical Services fuel a bitter rivalry between the two groups.

Spurious Logic
Habitat Engineering
JackobotOp & Maintenance
Chemical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Nuclear Engineering

Research & Design

R&D develops new technology and equipment for use by The Computer and citizens of Alpha Complex. R&D's bold advances are better known for their imaginative conception than their reliability. The Computer is unrestrained in its enthusiastic report for R&D's visionary projects.

JackobotOp & Maintenance
Data Analysis
Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Central Processing Unit

CPU is the central supervisory and administrative authority of Alpha Complex. An entrenched bureaucracy handles records, regulations, human resource engineering, justice, and executive operations. Certain CPU agents assigned directly by The Computer to projects of special interest enjoy unparalleled autonomy and discretionary powers.

Fast Talk
Data Analysis
Data Search

4) Skills

The following skills are available to all Troubleshooters. You have 30 points with which to by skill ranks. Each rank in a skill costs 2 points, unless it is one of your Service Group skills, in which case wach rank costs 1 point. You may only spend 4 points on a given skill. A clone can attempt to use any skill, even if they have 0 ranks in that skill. Skills on the same line, but separated by commas, are separate skills. Nice try, Citizen.

Agility Skills

Force Sword, Neurowhip, Truncheon, and Unarmed: Melee Combat Skills.
Grenade: Missile Combat skill.
Primitive Melee Weapon: Things like knives, swords, clubs...

Chutzpah Skills

Bootlicking: Ingratiating yourself with your superiors
Bribery: Trading items for services. Use of this skill is Treasonous.
Con: Persuading someone to let you do something that they probably shouldn't.
Fast Talk: Like Con, but quicker. Getting past guards at a checkpoint is Fast Talk.
Forgery: Faking forms and signatures. Use of this skill is Treasonous.
Interrogation: Extracting useful information from Commie scum.
Intimidation: Getting cooperation from your inferiors.
Motivation: Getting a few people thinking your idea is a good idea.
Oratory: Speech-giving. Motivation for large groups.
Psychescan: Lie detection when you are talking to someone.
Spurious Logic: Con & Fast Talk for use against Bots and computers.

Dexterity Skills

Energy, Field, Laser, and Projectile Weapons: Missile Combat skills. Includes repairing them.
Primitive Missile Weapons: Bow and arrows, Bouncy Bubble Beverage containers...
Vehicle Aimed, Field, and Launched Weapons: Vehicle Combat skills.

Mechanical Skills

Habitat Engineering: Knowledge of the air, comm, transport, water, and waste systems.
Bot Operation and Maintenance: How to use and repair the various types of bots.
Vehicle Operation and Maintenance: How to use and repair various vehicle types.

Moxie Skills

Biochemical Therapy: Better living through Chemistry.
Biosciences: Making mutant monsters.
Chemical Engineering: Mixing chemicals, often with explosive results.
Data Analysis: Making sense of Computer-printed materials.
Data Search: Finding information using Friend Computer.
Demolitions: Blowing big things up without blowing yourself up too.
Electronic Engineering: Making electronic devices from resistors and capacitors.
Mechanical Engineering: Rube Goldberg contraptions and such.
Medical: Healing injured Citizens.
Nuclear Engineering: If you want to stop a reactor from melting down, you need this.
Old Reckoning Cultures: Knowledge of Pre-Oops people and things.
Security: Disabling locks and alarms.
Stealth: The art of not being seen.
Surveillance: Bugging and debugging things.
Survival: How to live Outdoors without generating clone replacements.

5) Starting Equipment

Red Reflec Armor
Laser Pistol
1 Red Laser Barrel
Utility Belt with Pouches
Comm Unit Type I
Notebook & Stylus
100 Plasticreds

6) Additional Red Clearance Equipment For Sale

The Computer, in its infinite wisdom, provides all necessities for its citizens. However, it must not waste its valuable computing time keeping track of petty items and frivolous purchases, so it allows citizens to cash out their credits in plasticred form. These small plastic coins can be used to buy various small items. Using them for bribery would, of course, be treasonous.

1 Plasticred: Bag of Cruncheetym Algae Chips
3 Plasticreds: Boot Polish
2 Plasticreds: Bottle of Bouncy Bubble Beverage
5 Plasticreds: Bottle of Super Shine Mouthwash (Cleans Teeth to Their Core!)
10 Plasticreds: Bucket
50 Plasticreds: Bullhorn
2 Plasticreds: Cold Fun in a self-sealing pack
25 Plasticreds: First Aid Kit
10 Plasticreds: Flashlight
50 Plasticreds: Gas Mask
2 Plasticreds: Happiness Energy Bar
100 Plasticreds: Hottorch
5 Plasticreds: Official Teela-O Picture Mirror
25 Plasticreds: Personal Hygiene Kit
50 Plasticreds: Personalized Jumpsuit
12 Plasticreds: Pillow
1/m Plasticreds: Plasticord (1 credit per meter)

7) Be happy!
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