Over The Edge: Dice For Fringe Powers
One thing that's always bugged me about the Over the Edge rules is how the dice are alloted to "Fringe" traits (which are basically any "Kewl Powerz" traits). A starting character receives one die for a normal Fringe Trait and two dice for a "Superior" Fringe Trait. However, unlike "Technical" traits (which receive the same number of dice, but permit the user to perform most actions without rolling), Fringe Traits are frequently "opposed." For example, Telepathic probes can be resisted. If a character is stuck with 1 or 2 dice in Telepathy, that character will be hard-pressed to bypass even a regular person's (2 dice) mental defenses. Also, a character with a Fringe Power as a Central Trait is unlikely to get many "side benefits" (like equipment or contacts). So what's a would-be psychic to do?

Below, I present a possible scheme for assigning dice to Fringe Traits. Unlike most Traits, the number of dice a character receives differs depending on whether or not the Trait is "Central" or not. This is to balance out the fact that Fringe Traits aren't as broad as most Central Traits, and are usually limited by Psychic Pool points. Each die value comes with two examples to demonstrate the "feel" I'm going for. I've never actually playtested these rules, but I intend to do so the next time I run OtE.

A good way to think about these rules is this: A normal person has 0 dice in a Fringe Trait. A "normal" Telepath would have 2 dice in Telepathy. So, really, you're still working within the "a trait gives you an extra die above average, and a superior trait gies you two extra dice above average" paradigm...you're just redefining "average" based on what the character is. Actually, now that I think of it, I see no reason why these rules couldn't be used for "Technical" traits as well.
Fringe Power Dice
Type of TraitDiceTelepathy ExampleTK Example
Side Trait1You can read surface thoughts, and probe more deeply on a good day.You can move small, unattended objects, or yank something out of someone's hand if their grip slips.
Superior Side Trait2You have a good shot at probing the average person's mind.You can exert the strength of an average person at a distance.
Central Trait3You are a Telepath. You can usually probe all but the most strong-willed individuals.You are a Telekinetic. You can exert the strength of a strong person at a distance.
Superior Central Trait4You are a gifted Telepath. With a little luck, you can crack almost any mind.You are a powerful Telekinetic. You can exert the strength of an Olympic weightlifter at a distance.
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