RPG Links
D&D Rules References And More - This page has a bunch of insanely useful PDFs...rules references, random "character quirk" generators, and some other stuff I haven't looked at yet. The rules references alone make this a site worth visiting.
EN World - This site has more useful D&D/d20 resources than I care to bother describing. It also has message boards that are frequented by enough D&D gurus to answer all of your tricky rules and game-balance questions.
Fantasy Name Generator - This is my favorite fantasy name generator. It'll generate pretty decent names for a variety of races and fantasy styles.
montecook.com - This is another site that boasts large community of D&D experts. It has the added bonus of being run by Monte Cook, one of the game's designers. Since he no longer works for WotC, his answers are not "official," but you can usually count on them to be good. He also sells some very good (and inexpensive) PDF supplements.
RaceCalc - RaceCalc is a web-based utility for calculating Effective Character Levels. It's handy for developing new races/monsters/templates. I have no idea how accurate it is, but it matched the official books pretty closely when I ran a few tests, and it's a lot easier than exhaustive playtesting. (NOTE: This link is currently broken. If it has reappeared anywhere, please let me know.)
v. 3.5 SRD - I keep forgetting where the new SRD is located, so here's a link to help me (and you) remember.
Feng Shui
The Deep, Dark, Nasty - Your guide to combining Feng Shui and Call of Cthulhu. It sounds so very, very, wrong. But it's so very, very right.
The Genocide Lounge - This site has an excellent FAQ with rules clarifications, information about out-of-print books, and more. Campaign ideas, scenarios, original setting material, new shticks, arcanowave tech, and conversions for other genres/settings can be found here as well.
The Jade Page - Archetypes, Schticks, Transformed Animal Types, Campaign Ideas, House Rules, and more can be found on the Jade Page. It hasn't been updated in years, but the material is still useful.
General RPG Stuff
Pyramid - Pyramid's an online magazine. It costs $15/year, but it's worth it for the Kenneth Hite articles alone. A subscription includes access to the archive of back issues and playtesting forums (so you can check out and playtest games before they are released). Lots of good ideas to be found here.
Roleplaying Essays - Some cool roleplaying essays by Black Hat Matt and Co.
RPG.net - This is my favorite general-purpose RPG site. Included among its many good qualities are a massive review database and a large community of knowledgeable gamers, designers, artists, and publishers.
The Big List of RPG Plots - S. John Ross has attempted to reduce the majority of RPG plots to a few common archetypes. From where I sit, it looks like he's done a pretty good job. A good source of inspiration when you're stuck.
Marvel Superheroes (original)
Character Stats - This site has game statistics for many Marvel characters. Also includes assorted Marvel RPG material, Marvel comics material, and links to similar sites.
Marvel Character Stats - More character stats. Not quite as current as the other site, but it features some obscure characters.
Over The Edge
Edgewalkers - Edgewalkers has some excellent pdfs available, including character sheets, a rules summary, and a character creation summary. Also some introductory setting materials and OtE links. The original site is no more, but this archived version has pretty much everything.
They Fight Crime! - Not strictly an Over the Edge resource, I think this random generator captures the mood of the game very well. It's good for inspiration.
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