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Guitar Tab
Displacer's Death Tab - By far the best metal-only tab site I've ever come across. Despite the name, it covers much more than death metal.
OLGA - This version of the On-Line Guitar Archive is still active as of 01/26/2002. It's not metal-specific, but it does include a lot of metal tab.
Official Band Sites
Children of Bodom - I only recently picked up one album, "Hate Crew Deathroll," but it kicked so much ass that I had to add them to this page.
Cradle of Filth - Possibly the most "false" black metal band ever, Cradle of Filth is nonetheless one of my favorites. Woe! I am false! They'll be coming to wipe off my corpsepaint any minute!
Einherjer - The best quasi-black viking metal I've ever heard. I almost gave up on these guys after "Odin Owns Ye All," but "Norewgian Native Art" killed. Highly recommended.
Emperor - Probably the most famous black metal band ever, the now-defunct Emperor has a pretty cool website (if you follow this link and skip the flash intro/pop-up nonsense). These are the guys that got me into black metal in the first place.
Iced Earth - A tragically underappreciated (at least in their native US) heavy metal band, Iced Eath can be described to the uninitiated as the bastard child of Iron Maiden and vintage Metallica. Killer songwriting, thunderous, galloping guitars, a vocalist with an impressive range and great intensity, and striking album art make Iced Earth one of The Metallian's favorite bands you've probably never heard of. I command you to check them out.
Iron Maiden - In addition to being the world's greatest band, they have a kick-ass website. Up the Irons!
Judas Priest - The band responsible for the name of this site. If I was exiled to a desert island, and could only take one band's catalogue with me, I might choose Judas Priest's, just because they've explored such a wide a variety of "sounds," and none of them have sucked. (Well, not too much, anyway.)
Mercyful Fate/King Diamond - Though King Diamond and Mercyful Fate are almost indistinguishable nowadays, both bands have been kicking ass for a long time. King Diamond's voice is one of those things people either love or hate...I happen to be a big fan. Come, come, to the Sabbath!
Metallica - I feel obligated to include a Metallica link, as they were once the greatest fucking band on the face of the planet.
Nevermore - Nevermore's a great band...blending almost power metal-ish melodies with serious crunch and Warrel Dane's wicked vocals. It's too bad the new site doesn't have soundfiles available for download, as these guys have to be heard to be believed.
Overkill - I never got into these guys until I met Mrs. Metallian and she introduced me to their first few albums. Later, I came across Necroshine and Bloodletting and realized that they still shredded.
Sentenced - Known as "Finland's Northernmost Killers," Sentenced is another one of those bands that I feel needs more US exposure. "Down" is one of favorite albums, in the sense that all of the songs really come together to form a greater whole. They kind of lost me with "Frozen," but I've heard good things about "The Cold White Light," so I'll have to give that a shot.
Slayer - Slayer's another one of those bands I never got into until Mrs. Metallian introduced us properly. Their site's flash intro, one of the only ones I've liked enough to sit through, nicely sums up the brutality that is Slayer.
Speak No Evil - These guys lay down bitchin' Sabbath-like riffs with Pantera-style aggression and politically-charged lyrics. Dark as hell. Main man Greg Weiss is a cool guy, too. Check 'em out!
Therion - Operatic black/gothic/nordic/babylonian/whatever metal. Therion was once a third-rate death metal band, but ever since they adopted their new, unique sound with 1997's "Theli," every release has been a winner. Really cool and worth checking out even if you're not a metal fan. Metallica should have listened to these guys before recording that "S&M" album.
Type O Negative - The Roadrunner Records website describes Type O Negative's sound as "gothadelic industrimetal," and that's as good a description as any. Kick ass.
Record Labels
Century Media Records - Century Media has exposed me to more cool bands than any other single source. Not only do they have a lot of great acts on the roster, they also sell hard-to-find material from small labels.
Metal Blade Records - The old standby of metal labels, Metal Blade carries King Diamond/Mercyful fate, Cradle of Filth, and many others.
Nuclear Blast - Nuclear Blast is home to a lot of great bands, like Therion, Theatre of Tragedy, In Flames, and more.
Review Sites
Metal Judgement - The cool thing about Metal Judgement is that the "Judgement Committe" is made up of three experienced reviewers with different tastes. My preferences are somewhere in the center of the triangle, so the average of all three scores is generally a pretty good indication of how much I'll like an album.
Unofficial Band Sites
Black Sabbath Online - I consider Black Sabbath to be the starting point for all heavy metal. This excellent Sabbath site is maintained by Joe Siegler, a "data-crazed fanatic completist," as it says on the site.
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