"Rising from darkness where hell hath no mercy, and the screams of vengeance echo on forever, only those who keep the faith shall escape the wrath of The Metallian..." - Judas Priest

Latest Updates
Assorted minor updates...
Nov/05/2003 10:05 PM
It's been a while since I've paid much attention to this site, but I recently decided to pay more attention to my online presence in general. So far, all I've done is clean up a bit, fix some broken links, and add some new links.
New d20 Stuff
May/17/2003 1:24 PM
Even though I have much more important things to do this weekend, I just had to post a cool idea I just had regarding d20 Injury Rules.
Just some links...
Jan/21/2003 3:36 PM
Just to let you know I'm still alive, I added some links to the Tech section. Nothing too exciting, just some stuff for reference.
Open For Business
Oct/27/2002 8:09 PM
Well, after about a year of screwing around with this site, I've finally removed the password protection so anyone can visit. Have fun...
New Feats
Oct/27/2002 5:41 PM
I added some d20/D&D feats to the RPG section. They're Charisma-based feats that make use of the Bluff and Intimidate skills in combat.
We Rock!
Oct/17/2002 11:19 PM
You can find the new The Ronnie James Dio Lyric Generator in the metal section. Run from the master of the silver wizard, WHOA-OA!
New RPG Content
Oct/14/2002 7:15 PM
There is now more content in the RPG section...mostly stuff I've developed for games I've run. Includes material for d20/D&D, Silver Age Sentinels and Over the Edge.
Finally, A Home Page
Oct/14/2002 2:25 PM
As my lack of a good idea for a main "home" page has been the primary obstacle preventing me from making the site publicly accessible, I've decided to just display "recent updates." Seems to work for everyone else...
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